Acerca de los Anticuerpos Monoclonales (mAbs)

Acerca de la Terapia con Anticuerpos Monoclonales

Administered by IV (through a vein) or by injection, these outpatient COVID treatments have been shown to reduce hospitalization or emergency room visits when received early. They have also shown to reduce viral load and reduce days of symptoms. We use the Bebtelovimab authorized monoclonal antibody therapies which is manufactured by Eli Lilly.

¿Quién puede recibir Terapia con Anticuerpos Monoclonales?

These medicines are authorized for use on people ages 12 and older. If they have tested positive for COVID-19 and meet other specific criteria, they may qualify.

Para más información acerca de estos tratamientos, los criterios específicos y los posibles efectos secundarios, por favor, lea la Hoja Informativa para el Paciente.

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